2 Under 2


As for Littlebean he’s such a easy happy baby. He has the same demeanor that Jellybean had as a baby. He hasn’t had any night confusion so he basically eats and goes right back to sleep at night time. During the day he has 2 naps, one in the morning and one the afternoon when Jellybean goes down for his nap too. He eats every 2-3 hours so my house work has become slightly hard to accomplish when so much of my time goes to feeding.

I’ve managed very well when we are at home. I’ve got into a groove and juggling them both is very easy. The problem lies when we leave the house. I don’t make a point of being out of the house much, mainly because we are a one vehicle family right now which means I need to have the kids both up early and dressed to take Marcus to work so I can have the car. I try to schedule appointments and do all my running around on the same day. Everything I do out of the house is a lot more difficult now with 2 under 2, and takes a lot more planning.

I had to take both the boys to the doctor on Monday for their check ups and immunizations, and after the doctors I planned to get groceries. This meant packing breakfast and snacks for Jellybean and myself to take on the go. We got the to doctor and I snapped Littlebean’s car-seat into the stroller and let Jellybean walk. I just decided to switch pediatrician’s so this was our first time which meant a lot of paperwork to fill out. Luckily Littlebean was asleep but trying and wrangle a 18 month old toddler and keep him busy while I filled out paper work was a task on its own. They finally called us back and it took 2 nurses in the room with us, one asking me questions about the kids medical and family history and  the other to help me with the kids. They took turns getting weighed, measured and immunizations. After immunizations meant the both needed cuddles from Mommy and Littlebean needed to eat. It was literally chaos and I say that lightly.

After the doctor I was exhausted but still decided to hit up the grocery store. I took Littlebean out of his car-seat and snapped him into the infant carrier and put Jellybean in the cart. I had so many groceries to get but I could only get half because with Jellybean riding I didn’t have as much room in my cart for groceries. I’m glad Littlebean likes to be carried because he slept but about half way through shopping Jellybean started to get cranky. We finally finished and got home, I unloaded the kids, fed them both, and tried to put them both down for a nap. The only way I could go get the groceries from the car is if Jellybean was sleeping otherwise he would scream bloody murder that I didn’t take him with me. I finally got them to sleep and brought the groceries in and unloaded them, but then it was time to go get Marcus from work. I woke the kids up and we went and picked him up. I told him we still needed to get the rest of the groceries and it would be easier if he was with me and we had 2 carts. We got to the grocery store again, Marcus took Jellybean and I took Littlebean, and we split our list in half and met at the cash once we were done.

Everything outside of the house is a lot harder and more exhausting with 2 children, but I managed and I’m alive to tell about it. Moral of the story I can’t wait to get my double stroller so I can have both kids strapped in to minimize chasing, and when grocery shopping either Marcus and I both go or I get the cart with the little car so Jellybean is in the car and Littlebean is in the carrier. Needless to say it’s going to take some practice.

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