A Little Different


The other changes are actually with Jellybean and I guess the family as a whole in being healthier. I’ve been reading research on the differences between cows milk and almond milk and I think our family is going to make the change. I want to make the switch to almond milk and possibly look for other non-dairy alternatives to cheese and yogurt. I was always secure in my decision that I wasn’t going to raise my children to eat completely organic and pure when we didn’t. That doesn’t mean I’m saying we don’t eat healthy but we definitely don’t eat as healthy as we could be. I didn’t see the point in buying separate things for us and the kids, that the kids were going to eat what we eat. The more research I do the more I realize that I don’t need to buy separate but that we all need to be eating the healthier choices. Jellybean loves fruits and vegetables but has decided he’s not very fond of meat, he’s getting to be such a picky eater which in turn has caused him to have low iron. Since Jellybean is low on iron I want to make sure he’s getting what he needs from the food he eats without giving him supplements. The next purchase I want to make is a juicer. I think that we will be hitting the farmers market again like we used to and I will start making fruit and vegetable juice blends to help us all get on track to getting more nutrients in our diet and eating a little more health conscience. Almond milk, more fruits and vegetables, better grains and meats is the change we are making and hopefully one that benefit our children in the future.

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