Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Last month my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Over the years during times when things were tight financially I would always make handmade gifts. It always meant I wasn't spending a ton and that the gifts I made were creative and from the heart. Things aren't tight this year but there is something that I love about making homemade gifts. I knew there was a few things that I wanted to get for him and what better way to do it than a scavenger hunt. I went on Pinterest for some inspiration but quickly realized that I was going to have to do it myself to make it more personal.

I spent a whole day organizing what I wanted to do and make up rhymes for my clue cards. It took a while, but I am really proud of the outcome. After I had everything planned it was time to do some shopping and getting all the aspects together. The night before took some sneaking around to get everything into place for the next morning. When you woke up I gave him the clue card.

This first card sent him to the front door where he found his first gift and with it the next clue card.

This clue card made him laugh as he headed for the bathroom. Does anyone elses husband have a favourite bathroom? No? Just mine, ha ha. Once he got to his favourite bathroom he found this card on the seat of the toilet.

After he got dressed and put on his shoes he headed out the front door the tree on the right side of the yard. In the tree I had put a nail and hung another gift.

My husband works really hard and has to drive a lot everyday, so the next clue sent him to his work truck.

I thought making him a healthy snack basket for the road was the perfect idea. Sometimes he's on the road for several hours at the time and having snacks on hand is definitely convient. The next clue sent him back into the house to find the kids. I had already planned it out with the kids where they knew where to go to get the clue for Daddy. Although this part of my plan didn't turn out like I planned since they got the clue and decided to actually hide in the closet. Daddy pretended to not be able to find them for a little to long, only to open their closet door to have the next clue thrown at him and be faced with an angry Littlebean. Littlebean stormed out of the room declaring that Daddy took to long to find them and that he never wants to do surprises for Daddy ever again. It was entertaining if nothing else, and I shouldn't have been surprised by Littlebean's predictability.

The boys also gave Daddy and gift along with the last clue. They gave him a little envelope with food gift cards to use while he was on the road at work. The boys clue brought him to me where I was ready for all the kisses and to give him a card with the last and final clue.

The last surprise was in the toe of his left new shoe. I was originally planning on making writing dinner reservation plans on a piece of paper to hide in the shoe. Since I had no idea what my husband had planned, since he also likes to surprise me, I didn't want to plan something if he already had. So I decided to use this poem I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure where to source if from as this isn't my poem but it worked perfectly for what I wanted to say to him.

I just thought this would be fun to share to help give others some ideas to celebrate things with their loved ones. Scavenger hunts are a fun way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, Easter or Christmas eve. I know my husband enjoyed it but I think the next scavenger hunt I plan will be for the kids. They thought it was so exciting and they thought it was fun to be involved to help surprise Daddy. I'll be sure to share ideas on scavenger hunts I do in the future. In the meantime I hope this gave you a fun new idea to do for your husband or wife for your anniversary. Happy 8th Anniversary to us!