Being in Canada


It’s a joy watching Jellybean light up when we walk outside. He can run, climb on the jungle gym, swing, slide or dig in the sand box. It’s a sort of freedom and one that I’m very accustomed to. I was and outside kid. In the summer I would spend my time in the lake swimming, riding my bike, and catching frogs. In the fall I would play in the piles of leaves. In the winter I would go tobogganing, ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling , build snow forts or have snow fights. In the spring I was out finding little rivers and mud to splash and play in. I want that life for our kids. I want them to share in the same joy of simple fun. I don’t want them cooped up inside with their eyes glued to the tv, computer or video games. I want them to be active and know how to make their own fun. Marcus and I have talked about buying property so that our kids will have a nice sized yard and space to play but I’m glad that we have this connection with Canada too. Our kids are dual citizens and will already have so many doors open for them because of it. As much as Canada and the US are a like there are plenty of differences too. Not only will our kids have the opportunity of living in 2 different countries if they choose, they also get the benefits of city and country living, warm climates and all 4 seasons. I’m so glad that we can give this to our children.

It’s a slower way of life here in Canada and one that feels like a vacation. The only thing missing is Marcus. I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow and Marcus is flying to come to Canada in 2 weeks. I can’t wait for him to get here. Being an international family has it’s perks but not when we aren’t all travelling together. Jellybean and I both miss him terribly when we are part for any length of time. I can’t wait for him to get here and for us to have some relaxing family time before Littlebean arrives. I really think it will be good for us as a family to have this time together, and even the time after the baby comes for us to find our groove of being parents of 2 children without the pressures of work and the outside world. I’m so excited to meet Littlebean but until then I’m enjoying relaxing and being around family and patiently waiting for my husband to arrive.

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