Botanical Garden In Full Bloom

So I said I wanted to go back to the botanical garden once everything was in full bloom and I’m so glad we did. It was so beautiful. We had a picnic lunch play date with friends and the kids ran and played while the Mommies relaxed and chatted. It was just perfect outside and we were able to enjoy the sun and the scenery.

I know kudzo can be terrible and take over everything but to me it still looks pretty.

I would love to live in this mansion over looking the gardens.

We fed the fish and a bunch of turtles came over to get some too.

Can you see the giant snapping turtle just beneath the surface of the water. There were 2 of them at one point but they never came all the way up. I guess the just wanted to eat too.

All the turtles, I think at one point there was about 5 or 6 of them.

A family of Canadian geese with their yellow fuzzy babies. So cute and not shy around people at all, although we still kept our distance.

The kids had a blast running around playing with bubbles.

We sat down to ejoy some watermelon and the kids thought is was a much better idea to fed to to the fish.

Once the watermelon was gone the perfect thing to do is spill all the juice and then jump in it like a puddle, right? 

Another family of Canadian geese and this daddy was super protective so we really stayed clear. Didn’t stop him from hissing at me though anyways.

I thought this tree was beautiful.

Trying to get a cute picture of all the kids looking in the same direction is sometimes not so easy.

This is the best we got.

And it didn’t last long. 

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