Breastfeeding In Public


So back on topic, breastfeeding in public. I’ll start by saying I’ve never been the kind of person who was ever shy about my body or even really cared about my own nakedness or what people thought about my body. Now in saying that that doesn’t mean pre-babies I was out flashing my boobs because I definitely wasn’t, I’ve just never been shy. Breastfeeding for me in public is literally all about having confidence. You need to think in your head that what your doing for your baby is the best possible thing you could be doing. You shouldn’t be afraid or concerned with how other people view it, and as long as you have confidence and keeping thinking what your doing is normal, natural and exactly what your babies needs your good. I breastfed Jellybean everywhere and I didn’t care about it, but that’s more my personality and a lot of people don’t feel that way. I have never been approached by anyone or have anyone say anything to me in a negative way about breastfeeding in public. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen because I’m sure it does but it never happened to me. I have never breastfeed my son while sitting in a public bathroom and I never hid someplace to feed him either. Jellybean has been breastfed in the middle of the mall, at a Falcons football game, in any restaurant I’ve probably ever been in and on an airplane. I never hid, anywhere I was if he got hungry he was fed. The best advice I can give is be confident about your choice and do what feels comfortable to you. There isn’t anything wrong with using a nursing cover if that’s was you choose to do and that’s what makes you feel comfortable and confident. I almost always used a nursing cover and it wasn’t because I cared what people saw, it was more out of respect I guess in a sense. I wasn’t ashamed of what I was doing in any way but I guess I thought it would make it more comfortable for the people around me.  There were definitely times when I decided not to use it also and I couldn’t have cared less especially around strangers but I guess for my friends I didn’t want them to feel like they couldn’t sit there and talk to me so being covered was a way to put them at easy and make it more comfortable for them. I have friends that are moms and breastfeed also and other friends that I’m comfortable enough around that I would breastfeed infront of without the cover. In my own home though that’s fair game. I don’t care who you are, if your in my home where I’m most comfortable and so is my son I would breastfeed whenever, where ever and without a cover. It you felt weird about it then I didn’t care because this was my home.  I guess some of you can look at it as me not helping in the support against normalizing breastfeeding and maybe your right. I guess in the long run what really matters is standing by your decision to breastfeed and you feeling comfortable with it regardless of how it effects others either positively or negatively. Bottom line is our children come first and if your breastfeeding them covered or not covered your children are still getting what is best for them. You may not be the most empowering breastfeeding activist but knowing your child has the best to start off there life is rewarding in itself.

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