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Jellybean turned one on June 24th. My baby is one and I now am the mother of a toddler and not a baby. He’s grown and changed so much this past year and has become a somewhat independent little boy. He’s walking and calling me Mama and Marcus is Dada. He loves his nana which is banana’s of course. He can also say baby although he has no understanding to the fact that Mommy is having a baby. I can’t get over how remarkably smart he is and he is truly a joy and surprises daily. He has me laughing and in aw of how amazing he is several times a day. This little boy is my entire world. We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with a party and everything turned out great. His party was Safari themed and I made every single decoration from the birthday banner to actual safari animals. I spent very late nights making decorations, since lets face it it’s absolutely impossible to get anything done with a toddler into everything. I put a lot of work and thought into his party but those are the kind of things you do for your children. I know in retrospect he isn’t going to remember any of it but at least for now I can say I know in my heart that he enjoyed it and had a blast and that’s the best a mother could ask for.  We have pictures to remember it all.  Next year at this time I’ll have 2 amazing little boys that hopefully love each other and will be the best of friends. I can’t wait to see them interact and play with each other.

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