Extended/Tandem Breastfeeding


I have had a few problems since giving birth the first time that put me at higher risk of pre-term labour this time around. I have had to have pre-cancer cells removed from my cervix, which was actually done in the very beginning of this pregnancy before I was aware I was pregnant and it was to soon to tell from the urine test the doctor had me take before the procedure was done. I have had to have several ultrasounds throughout this pregnancy to keep track of my cervical length and make sure everything was fine with Littlebean. The procedure itself puts me at a higher risk of pre-term labour. I ended up getting an infection just before Jellybean’s first birthday that put me at an even higher risk of pre-term labour. The only problem is the medication wasn’t safe to take while breastfeeding. It was something I had to come to terms with and decided that for the health of Littlebean I need to take the medication and that therefore meant that Jellybean and I were done breastfeeding. I was never able to pump, even though I tried the first few days taking the medication but I never got a drop. Being pregnant had already significantly dropped my supply and once my week of taking the medication was over I had completely dried up.

This is where things get a little bit controversial. After I was off the medication I tried to continue nursing Jellybean but since I had no milk he didn’t show much interest. I sort of stopped trying unless he got super fussy or cranky and then sometimes he would nurse to sleep. I researched ways to re-lactate but being as I’m pregnant it isn’t advised to do so. I continued comfort nursing every once in a while and I talked to Marcus about how I still had hopes of tandem nursing once Littlebean was born. Marcus is completely supportive of me breastfeeding and understands how beneficial it is for our children. A few weeks after I dried up my colostrum came in. I wanted to be able to keep that connect with breastfeeding Jellybean so that once Littlebean is born and my milk comes in the concept of breastfeeding isn’t foreign to him and he doesn’t forget how to latch. So far things have been good. I still try to offer it a few times a day but he still wasn’t that fond of colostrum. He’s got better the past few weeks and he even seems lately like he’d rather breastfeed than take a bottle, I’m assuming maybe because it’s changed in taste since I’m only 5 weeks from my due date. As strange as my situation may seem I’m extremely happy to have made this choice. I think it will help Jellybean bond and have a better connection with Littlebean and hopefully help with any jealously or attention issues he might have once the baby is born. I haven’t got a ton of support from my family on my choice to breastfeed so I don’t imagine I will once they learn of my plans to tandem breastfed, mainly because most of them are under the impression that I stopped breastfeeding months ago. I’ve read stories and blogs of women who have done the exact thing I am doing but that doesn’t make it any less strange in society. I guess we will cross that bridge when I get to it, and until then I’m just enjoying having those last little moments with Jellybean before Littlebean gets here, and just being proud that I have such an amazing husband that supports my decision and wants the best for our kids.

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