The biggest thing I keep forgetting is that I’m pregnant. That right now there is a baby inside of me growing and thriving. I’m not sure if I chalk that up to memory loss and just being so busy running around after my 11 month old, who is now newly walking by the way. We already have a baby that is still so fully dependent on us that it’s hard to remember sometimes. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I completely forget, I do make sure to eat right and all that. I take my prenatal vitamins, well maybe not as consistently as I should but I try. Whatever it is whether it be forgetfulness or just being busy it’s worked for me. Through my first pregnancy I was terrified all the time. My first trimester seemed to drag on and I was always worrying about every little thing. I was afraid to sneeze that it might all the sudden cause something bad to happen. I think most of those thoughts are fairly normal and knowing me I’d probably be the same worrier this time around too, but I forget. It’s good for me to not worry and well it’s good for the baby too. My husband even commented yesterday that I seem more relaxed this time around. It might be that I’ve done this before so it’s not as scary this time around, but I think it more has to do with forgetting. Jellybean is so busy and consistently moving and I’m always chasing and running after him. Being so busy keeps my mind busy from always thinking the worst, which I seem to be good at. Now that my belly is starting to pop out and my balance is a little off I’m more aware of it than before but I’m still not thinking of it every minute or second of everyday, it’s sort of a passive thought that comes and goes. Regardless of the reason I’m thankful for both of my children even if they do eat away at my memory, as long as I can remember their names I guess that’s good enough for me.

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