Hair Loss

Now pair that with the fact that since my son was born whenever I hold him he always has a handful of hair at the back of my neck. I swear I truly am going to be bald. It’s bad enough that I had to go through my entire pregnancy with was what people call supposedly “glowing”, which lets face it is just lies to make us feel beautiful in our new whale like bodies. I coloured my hair red just before I got pregnant and went my entire pregnancy with wonderful brown roots made even worse by super charged hair growth from hormones. I did research about hair dyes and chemicals to a growing babies and decided to opt out and wait until after I gave birth. I had joked all through my pregnancy that is was the first thing I was going to do was colour and cut my hair. Turns out my son is 5 1/5 months old and I’m just getting around to it now. I finally coloured my hair back brown, less maintenance cause come on now who knows when I’ll get around to doing anything else to it, and I got 6 inches cut off. I didn’t give in to “the Mom cut” just yet it’s still past my shoulders and definitely long enough to pull back into a pony tail, which is 100% needed on those days we don’t get around to take a shower.

Here’s hoping it slows down in the near future or my husband might have to become a plumber so he can better learn how to snake the shower drain.

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