Halloween 2018

We haven’t spent Halloween in Canada since the year Littlebean was born and he spent it still in the belly. It was Jellybean was barely one year old so clearly neither of them remember is. It was definitely a different experience since you never seem to know what kind of weather you will have this far north. Growing up in Canada I knew that the boys costumes would have to be big enough in the instance that there was snow on the ground and their costumes needed to fit over a snow suit. We didn’t have snow but it was still a little cold and rainy. We definitely didn’t do a normal day of school since we spent a couple hours carving pumpkins and then read a few chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, which we started reading a couple weeks ago. So here’s some pictures of our afternoon activities.

We worked on teams to do our pumpkins. Jellybean and I teamed up to do the owl pumpkin, also known as Headwig from Harry Potter. Littlebean and Auntie Shannon teamed up to make a My Little Pony pumpkin of Fluttershy.

I got the kids ready in their costumes early in the afternoon to go and visit their great Grandmother, which worked out perfectly because we were able to get some pictures of them in their costumes while it was still daylight.

Jellybean has been asking to be a crow for Halloween for probably a month now. We don’t allow the kids to dress up as anything spooky or scary, which they know and understand why mommy and daddy have those rule. Everytime we asked them what they wanted to be Jellybean said he wanted to be a crow and Littlebean wanted to use his Michelangelo costume from last year. I had no idea how we would pull it off. I continually asked him hoping he would change his mine. With packing to travel the thought of having to make a costume seemed like a nightmare. Thankfully my wonderful sister took on the job and its turned out perfectly. Jellybean was extremely happy with it, which in the end is all that matters.

The kids made out like bandits with the candy, as they each got about half a pillow case full of candy. With the rainy weather we ended up trick or treating by car and basically just went to see relatives. Most of our relatives had premade bigger bags of candy, or full sized chocolate bars and cans of soda, made up in expectation of the boys coming there. For only going to maybe 10 houses they definitely scored a bunch of candy. I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween too.

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