Having Enough Love


This is going to seem strange but I keep wondering how it’s even possible to love another child as much as I love Jellybean. My days are spent playing with Jellybean, reading to him, cuddling him and I catch my self wondering how would it be possible to love someone else as much as I love this child. He is my entire world and I’m consistently in awe of how amazing he is. Is it possible to love another child as much as I love him? It’s not like I don’t already love the new baby, but I haven’t met him. I haven’t seen his little face, counted him little fingers and toes, kissed his little cheeks or seen who he looks like or who his personality takes after. It seems like an outrageous notion that I would even think something so absurd. I’m completely aware of how ridiculous this sounds but it’s one of those random thoughts that comes creeping in from time to time. Of course I’m going to love both my children no matter what. It’s just the difference right now with the connection I have with Jellybean who is already in the present and Littlebean who I haven’t even met yet. I’m not truly worried about such things because I have complete confidence in that fact that I know God wouldn’t have given me 2 children if I couldn’t handle it. God knows better than I do how much I’m capable of loving and I trust that he would never give me something I couldn’t handle. I know I’ll love Littlebean just as a much as I love Jellybean and together I will love both of them more and more each day. A mother’s love is truly not something you can explain or even comprehend until your a mother yourself. Being a mother opens you up to a whole new kind of love that fills you up and has you wondering how your heart hasn’t exploded yet.

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