If anyone were to ask me about it I’d tell them to give it a try. I don’t have anything bad to say about parents that choose to feed their babies jar baby food and I’m not judgmental like that. Babies grow up to be just as healthy on jar baby food. It’s really the parents preference on what they choose to do and what works for them and their children. I’m not all crazy organic with my produce and I don’t try and be a health nut, but for us and it works and I’m glad that we do it. It was a discussion that my husband and I had before our son started on solids and in all honesty it was more my husband that wanted us to do the homemade root. He thought it would be better and more natural for our son since jar baby food obviously has preservatives in it. Marcus didn’t think I would stick with it and actually do it and really either way he would have went with what I wanted to do in the long run.

If it’s something your interested in I think you should give it a try and if it’s not for you that’s fine too. My tips would be to set aside a day do it. I normally get all my produce out and prepare it all I cut everything in small cubes so once it’s cooked it’s easier to puree. I either stream or boil the food and then toss it right into the Baby Bullet or food processor works finde to. I try and get as much cooking at once on the stove top so once it’s done I can get the next thing cooking. Once you get a system going it’s fairly easy. After I puree something I put it right into the ice cube trays which is easy enough but obviously you need room in your freezer to do that. I actually only have 2 ice cube trays so I normally fill the ice cube trays and the put everything else in tupper-ware dishes in the fridge until the stuff in the trays is froze, then I pop them out of the trays into freezer bags and refill the trays. I mark the freezer bags with name of food and date it was made. I normally keep all vegetables, all fruits, all cereals and all meats together in the same bags. Like I said it can be time consuming but once your done you have enough baby food for a month, maybe longer. Then when you go to feed your baby all you do is take out an ice cube of whatever you want and heat it up, you can combine and make different flavours or even combine stuff before you freeze it. Make your own recipes or look online the possibilities are really endless. The only thing that I find I’m making really often is cereal. My Baby Bullet came with a milling blade but really a food processor should would fine to. I take the uncooked oatmeal or brown rice and put it right into the Baby Bullet and grind it up into a fine powder. The recipe I use is always 1/2 cup of powder to 4 cups of water. With the brown rice it makes a lot but I found with the oatmeal it didn’t really thicken so I use 1 cup of powder to 3 cups water and it turns out better. I do the same with the cereal and freeze it in ice cube trays and a normal feeding of cereal I give 3 cubes.

So these are my tips and suggestions for making baby food. I hope it helps some of you and I hope that some of you might try it out and see if it works for you. Happy cooking everyone!

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