Homemade Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups

  1. 3 cups of Strawberries (washed and hulls removed)

  2. Sugar to taste (optional)

Puree strawberries and sugar in the blender until liquefied. Line a baking tray with plastic wrap and make sure the plastic even goes up the sides of the pan. Pour mixture onto the pan using a spatula spread it out in an even layer. Heat the oven to 170ºF and put the pan the oven for 7-8 hours or until fully dehydrated and no longer tacky in the middle. Don’t worry about the plastic wrap as the oven isn’t hot enough for it to melt. Cut cooking parchment or wax paper into roughly 1.5 inch strips and cut fruit into same size strips. Use a strip on parchment or wax paper for each fruit strip and lay it on top and roll them up, the parchment or wax paper helps keep the fruit roll up from sticking to itself. Store in a air tight container in the fridge.

Makes roughly 11 Fruit Roll-ups

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