Jellybean Turns 6!

Jellybean turned 6 years old on June 24th. He is such a handsome, and energetic little man. His intelligence and memory is what shocks me daily. His memory is like a steel trap, he never forgets anything. He can recall places we’ve been and things that were said word for word. It’s his intelligence is remarkable. His brain is like a sponge. He was so far ahead of where he should be to start Kindergarten last fall that we decided to start a First Grade curriculum. He has excelled beyond measure and is now a grade level above where he should be. I love watching him grow academically and getting to teach him first hand to see his accomplishments. It’s very rewarding.

We are currently in Canada visiting with my family, so we were able to celebrate with all his cousins in my family. Over the years Jellybean has celebrated several of his birthdays in Canada. We love getting to take turns on where we celebrate the kids birthdays.

Jellybean wanted a Dinosaur Birthday Party this year. We unfortunately couldn’t find generic dinosaur decorations so we had to go with Jurassic World. The dinosaurs were slightly scary but he was extremely happy anyway. We had a bit of difficulty finding a place that would decorate a dinosaur cake so we decided to go with DQ ice cream cake.

The party started at 1:00 pm for a late lunch. It was a pretty small get together with just a few family members and kids that the boys are close too. We just grilled hamburgers and hots dogs for lunch. After we ate everyone enjoyed the ice cream cake. We went with a Piñata filled with candy and small toys this year. The kids had a fun time cracking it open. It work out great to fill their party favor bags. Each child took home a plastic dinosaur cup, a sheet of temporary tattoos, gummy bears, rockets candies, ring pop, and a reptile toy. All in all everyone had fun and we had a really happy birthday boy.

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