Jellybeans 2nd Birthday Party!

I can’t even make an excuse for not blogging lately. I could say that things have been crazy and hectic but really it’s just the normal crazy and hectic. I just haven’t been great at scheduling time to blog. Since the last time I blogged Jellybean has turned 2. The kids and I spent 2 weeks in Canada visiting my parents the end of June. We were able to celebrate his birthday in Canada this year with my family and friends. His 1st birthday was safari themed and we had it here in Georgia, and unfortunately there weren’t many children that attended. So this year I decided to reuse the decorations and games when we had his 2nd birthday in Canada. It turned out great and all the kids had a blast. I made safari animals and the kids were given safari hats, binoculars and passports and they got to go on a safari adventure and find all the animals hidden in the yard.

I made palm trees and set up all the stuff the kids would need for their safari adventure.


Then the kids set out in their adventure. Unfortunately the safari hats weren’t such a huge hit but the kids still really enjoyed finding all the animals.




My little Jellybean had so much fun at his party and I was glad that all the kids were able to enjoy themselves.


It wasn’t much work on my part this year thankfully since I decided to reuse everything. Now the next birthday will be Littlebean’s 1st birthday. He’s almost 10 months and believe me I’ve already started planning, but you’ll just that to wait to see what the theme is going to be.

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