Letters To Jellybean


I’m just glad that I did it and I have something to give to him. I hope I can do this with all my children. I know most parents with their second child or third you begin to slack on everything because you’ve already done it once. My baby photo album is very empty because I was the second child and I don’t want my children to feel left out because I did something for one of them and not the rest.

So hopefully if and when we decide to have more children I’ll be able to write letters to them. Everyone has their own thing that they do to document their pregnancy and this is mine. You see all the fads with maternity photos, videos, and belly photos every month, which I’m not going to lie I took belly photos and did a maternity shoot, but my letters to Jellybean were my thing. They mean so much to me and I hope one day they will mean a lot to my son too. I can’t wait to share them with him.

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