Life Update


Other new developments are that Littlebean has celebrated his 1st birthday. He turned one in November. I know I promised to share his birthday on here but even with all the planning I did, his birthday actually ended up being a flop and no one really showed. Sadly he didn’t get much of a 1st birthday. Luckily he’s little and won’t remember anyways, I think I was more upset about it then anyone. He just came for the cake.

Jellybean is now 100% potty trained. He’s had a few accidents but it’s mainly my own fault for not having him go before bed. It is wonderful to not have to worry about diapers for 2 children anymore. He is now fully night trained and it has just made life so much easier.

Both boys are now sleeping in their bedroom in their own beds. Littlebean was still sleeping in his crib in our room but for about a month and half now the boys have been sharing a room. Just for the past few weeks Jellybean as also started going to bed without a fuss in his our room. Littlebean still wakes some nights to nurse and Jellybean wakes sometimes but he goes right back into his room and lays back down without a fuss. It has seriously given me so much freedom at night since I don’t have to lay with them until the fall asleep. I can now put them to bed and spend time with Marcus or even do something for myself. It’s been so nice to have that time to focus on hobbies or just relax before going to bed myself.

Clearly there has been a lot of other things that have gone on in that time frame but these are the most major events. I’m really hoping to get back to blogging regularly since I have much more to share these days. I can’t promise they will be daily blogs but I am going to aim for a few times a week. Now that I have a little more time to myself and I sit down and blog without feeling like I’m sacrificing time with kids or have them hanging off me as I blog. I’ve got a list of recipes to share and I may start blogging some of our day to day outings and things. The possibilities are endless.

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