Littlebean’s Milestones

Littlebean is almost 10 months old and I can’t believe how quickly he seems to be growing. He’s got 5 teeth now and he eats like a horse. He started crawling at 6 months old, then at 8 months he started pulling himself up and standing. Now just last week at 9 an 1/2 months he took his first steps. Jellybean was 10 months when he took his first steps so Littlebean is moving a little quicker. It’s not overly surprising since all he sees is his big brother running every where. All I keep thinking is I’m not sure I’m fully ready to have both of them so mobile. Littlebean already gets into everything although those things are at his height. Once their walking then they start to climb which means mommy is in for some panic attacks and broken things. Hopefully the broken things are not bones, but being the mother of boys I’m prepared for anything.

He’s definitely a quiet and very content little boy. The difference in their personalities is amazing. Jellybean is loud, extremely energetic, and needs a lot of attention, where Littlebean is busy but quiet and content to play alone. I constantly find myself having to look for Littlebean through out the day because he’s quick and quiet and I never know if he’s getting into something. Which normally he is, it doesn’t matter that I vacuum 2-3 times a day he always finds that one little thing on the floor and it goes right in the mouth.

They both definitely keep me busy and I love how great they get along with each other. The odd time Jellybean has some sharing issues but for the most part he’s a great big brother. He loves to help which is sweet but I really need to keep a watchful eye on it. He likes to feed his brother and try and carry him around. Jellybean is so loving towards his brother, it’s adorable. I can already tell that Littlebean looks up to his brother. He follows him around and always wants to do what he’s doing. They melt my heart with how much they love each other, I really hope they are always extremely close to one another as siblings.

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