Man Wishes To Take Pregnant Wife Off Life Support


The family already has a 14 month old son. This man and son have already lost their wife and mother and have been left with making a heartbreaking decision. As a mother I can understand wanting to do anything to save and protect my unborn baby, but I don’t think it’s fair for it to be made a government decision. The medical bills alone from keeping this woman on life support for another 20 to 22 weeks will most likely cripple this family, and that’s not including the medical bills that the baby will most like have once it’s born. If the baby is taken before full term there will be medical bills from the baby being hospitalized in the NICU, as well as most likely medical bills for treatment the rest of the child’s life. As wife and a mother I couldn’t put my family through watching me lay there lifeless and burying them in medical debt. I would respect their choice and hope that they were left to grieve in peace and left to be able to comfortably look after each other.

The government has no place in making those decisions for someone else. I personally in my own life am against abortion, but I support the woman’s right to choose. If abortion is legal and a woman has the right to choose then this law is just contradictory to that. You can’t give someone rights in one situation but revoke them in another.

I feel terrible for this family being put in a situation that is heartbreaking and completely out of their control. It’s bad enough losing a loved one but having it dragged out is only prolonging and causing them more grief. I pray for this family and hope they find peace soon, and commend her husband for having to make a decision no one should ever have to make but one that was right for their family. I just hope it all works out they way it’s meant too.

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