Medela Pump In Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump


So as I stated before in my previous breast pump reviews I’m a lover of the Medela brand. I have the Harmony Manual Breast Pump and now I have the Pump In Style Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump. Both pumps have there advantages but the electric is convenient for the exclusive pumper or working mothers who pumps several times a day. I like the convenience of my Harmony manual but sometimes its nice to use my electric just so I don’t have to do any work other than hold it.

This breast pump has 2 functions. It has a dial that controls the strength of suction and a button that stimulates let down. When the pump is first turned on it works in let down mode but after a few minutes it changes to normal long suction mode to help draw out milk. The let down button allows you to push it anytime during a pumping session to help stimulate another let down and get milk flowing again. This pump is very efficient and gives you the option to pump either one or both breasts at a time. It comes with a carrying tote if you need to carry it to and from work and it works a lot quicker then using a manual. You can buy different size flanges just like you can with the other Medela products. You can even get a pumping bra to use with this pump so you can pump hands free. I love this breast pump and I would recommend it to anyone, its slightly expensive but your definitely getting your moneys worth and Medela breast pumps are normally covered by most insurance company’s too.

5 Stars

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