The Mother of Boys!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The other day I was running around the house in an epic pool noodle sword fight with the boys. It was two against one, them against me. I was clearly winning because in the middle of the battle Littlebean called for a time out. He said "Mommy you can't touch me anymore, I just leveled up so now I'm a fire guy and I have more hearts then you so you can't slay me."I couldn't do anything but laugh.

I never thought I would be a good boy mom. I was definitely a rough and tumble little girl growing up but I still liked girly things. I liked playing with my barbies, dressing in pretty things and playing with my moms makeup. I didn't know if I would connect with things that boys like. They have taught me so much about life and opened my eyes to so many new things. They are wildly rowdy and silly. These boys were making swords and shields with mega blocks before they could even talk. They are rough with almost everything they do. They are rough with their toys, they are rough on our furniture, they are rough with each other. If I'm being honest the rough housing gets to me some days. I've come to be a little less hysterical about the fact that it will ultimately end in a hospital visit with someone missing at eye or a broken bone. I've decided that a stern warning of "if someone gets hurt I'm not taking you to the hospital" is about where I am with it. Although that's not true it's much more nonchalant then I used to be about it, basically no one better get hurt cause I've already asked you to stop and we don't got time for that today.

They like to watch football and basketball with their Daddy, play video games and watch weird cartoons. I'm lucky if I can get a Disney movie in between the episodes of Captain Underpants, Pokemon and Pinky Malinky. Outside play typically always consists of needing a stick sword for battles or a giant stick to be used as a war staff. I've learn that I can pretend to slay monsters and conquer the realm with my magical staff of strength. I can chase them around the house and attack them with kisses from the kissing monster once I catch them.

Boys can also be extremely gross. I mean they laugh at their farts and wiggle their naked butts around while I'm trying to give them bathes. I can't count how many times a week I have to tell them to stop with the potty talk. That poop, pee, butts, and penis are not funny words. I will never understand how children intrinsically think these words are hilarious. Not to mention the amount of times we have to ask them to stop touching, cover up, or put away their penis.

Aside for all the craziness they are so incredibly sweet and loving. The need for hugs and cuddles. The "I love you Mommy," and "You look pretty today Mommy" totally melt my heart. They need to unconsciously be touching me when they are near as a need for comfort and safety. They bring me water well I'm working in the garden cause they noticed that it's hot outside. They ask if they can cuddle in bed with me for just a few minutes at night time before they go off to their own beds. They try so hard to be quiet when they know I'm sick or not feeling well. They come and sit with me and when I ask if they need anything they will simply say "I was just coming to check on you."

I may not have thought I would be a good boy mom, but I'm glad I am. I may not connect with absolutely everything they are into but I try. I try to be involved. I will play Star Wars Lego on the Xbox even though I don't know how to play, I will watch the cartoons that they choose, and build animals with mega blocks. I will imagine with them that we are in an epic battle to slay all the monsters and hide with them under the covers from the tickle monster. Being a boy mom might not have been what I saw for myself, but it's exactly what I needed. They have taught me so much and made me want to try new things just so that I could connect with them. I'd be lying if I said some days weren't difficult but I wouldn't have it any other way.