My Prayer


We as parents to need to start taking responsibility for raising our own children. To quote my husband Marcus:

“How well do you know your child? Many people think they know their child well. Ponder this. Since birth how many waking hours do you spend with your child? Most people spend less time with their children than the child’s teacher. In those waking hours, how much do you talk to your child? Are you too busy with work? Are they too busy with school? Maybe your on Facebook, and so are they. Maybe you are in your room watching tv and they are in their room playing video games. If this happens everyday, then how well do you really know your child? Do you know their best friend’s name? Do you know the person they dislike least? Do you know why? Do you know what scares them, what drives them? What they had for lunch? Do you know if they ever tried drugs or seen a gun? Has someone ever tried to do anything inappropriate? Do you know what sites they go to? Who they webcam with? How well do you really know your child? I think if we all take a second as parents and get closer to our children, society will begin to get better.Technology should be able to bring us closer together, but we seem to be further apart. People no longer want a personal connection, and it shows in the way people treat others.”

We need to start taking more of an interest in our children in general and make sure we teach them how to treat others. If that means them having a relationship with God then take them to church, teach them about God, teach them how to pray and be caring and loving towards others. Whatever it is you believe in it is up to us as parents to instil that in our children not teachers and school. Saying the Lords Prayer in school isn’t going to stop bad things from happening. I don’t believe in forcing my religion on others, so I don’t see how saying the Lords Prayer in school is right in a public school.

I recently went to a funeral and received some insight from our Minster. We tend to try and make sense of death by saying it was part of Gods plan, that God has a reason for taking them. We place all this negativity on God and place blame for tragedy on some big plan He has. I don’t believe that God had a plan for such suffering and tragedy. In saying that I don’t want to go as far as to say that God isn’t in control, but we can’t blame God for the evils of man and the sinful actions they do.

All these posts on Facebook are beginning to make me mad.

“Dear God, why do you allow so much violence in our schools. Sincerely, Concerned Children.

Dear Concerned Children, I’m sorry but I’m not allowed in schools. Sincerely, God.”

Do you people even realize how terrible that sounds. Like I said I’m a Christian, and whether or not the families of the victims believe in God, I believe that God was there in that school to be there for all those people whether or not He was “allowed” or not. He was there for all those children and teachers. He took all those children in his arms and shielded them from fear and pain and then took them home with Him. He was there in the courage and strength of the teachers that it took to protect those children. He was there whether or not he was “allowed”, and people suggesting otherwise need to stop, think and shut their mouths.

I’m praying for those children, the teachers, and the families and everyone that was effected.

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