New Blog and a New Look!

It’s been a long time. Life has continued to past by. Jellybean and Littlebean are now 5 and 4 years old. I constantly sit and wonder how that is even possible when I can vividly remember the day they were both born like it was yesterday. Jellybean is about to turn 6 years old this weekend, we are celebrating in Canada this year with family. Life has changed so much since I last sat down to blog. From changing diapers and late night feedings into toddlers and now into little boys. From stay at home mom to homeschool mom. Our journey has taken us in a different direction then I ever pictured for myself.

I decided a few years ago to start homeschooling the boys. It started out as a means to get on a schedule and to have something to do to fill our time other then just playing and sitting at home. It was a means to be productive and help them get a head start. Last year Jellybean was old enough for Kindergarten but Marcus and I decided to continue Homeschooling. I’ll get into more about our homeschooling journey in another blog but it has definitely been a fun ride.

We continue to travel to from Georgia to Canada still several times a year. The boys have traveled so much at this point that it’s like second nature. For the most part it’s always been the boys and I that travel fairly frequently. Marcus is typically working so I’ve pretty much mastered the ins and outs of traveling alone with children. We always have flown but this past year it just became more financially smart for us to drive. Driving from Georgia to Canada and back alone is difficult, but at this point I’m starting to feel pretty seasoned at it. The boys and I have traveled twice to Canada already in 2018.

Even though the boys have grown and certain aspects of our life have changed there is still a lot that is just the same. We are still that same family of four. I’m still a stay at home mom who likes to take care of my family. We are still an international family that travels a lot. Our life is still full of activities and adventures. I really want to get back into documenting and sharing our lives. Sharing our journey with homeschooling, our monthly meal menus, our outings, and life milestones. I hope you stick around for the adventure!