Potty Training


I did some research and we gave it a go a few weeks after Christmas. I left him naked and in a closed off area so I could catch him if he started to go to the bathroom. Of course there was pee in the floor several times and he even pooped on his carpeted floor in his bedroom more then once and proceeded to “play” in it and let his brother play in it. Which believe me was disgusting and resulted in both boys needing baths. Ugh, sorry I can still picture it and my horror. Anyways, after all that I stopped potty training and I just left it alone. I was sick of cleaning up messes and he just wasn’t getting it.

Fast forward to now and I few a few tips:

  1. Make sure that they are ready. If they aren’t ready it won’t happen. There are many things to look for to know if a child is ready.

  2. Such as not liking being in a dirty diaper

  3. Coming to you as soon as they mess in their diaper

  4. Showing interest in the toilet or potty

  5. Removing their clothes

  6. Let them be the one to come to you. It’s OK to ask them or remind them about the potty but I found it best to let him do it on his own terms instead of forcing it on him.

  7. Being naked helps in the beginning especially if they aren’t super quick at removing their clothes.

  8. Keep them in a somewhat closed off area so that you can catch it quick if the do start to go and you can rush them to the potty.

  9. Once your ready to try underwear and clothes make sure to remind them often through out the day, and if they do have an accident just gently remind them that they need to use the potty.

  10. When they do use the potty be proud, excited and make sure to let them know.

Jellybean for the most part has been doing really great this time around. He’s had a few accidents here and there but it’s mainly when he’s concentrating on something and forgets. That’s why I find it good to remind him several times during the day. I normally remind him to go before we leave the house and before I lay him down for nap too. Next step is night training but I think were going to focus on getting the day time down first.

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