Racism Vs. Equality


This particularly hits home for me since as many of you know I am Caucasian and my husband, Marcus, is African American and of course that makes our children mixed raced. I’m not naive enough to pretend racism it doesn’t exist, I mean it effects my life directly and the lives of my children. When I was growing up I wasn’t raised in an area where there was a lot of culture or even diversity, so I guess I would say that makes me a little ignorant as to matters of race and how much it truly effected people. I’m aware that racism is around but since the ending of this trial I’m more aware than ever how much larger of a scale it is in society than I originally thought. I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of hate that still existed and it makes me sad for my children. It makes me sad that people still feel a certain way about people of another race. It makes me sad that people are comparing the value of a persons life based on the colour of their skin. I never want my children to have to feel like they are less than another person because of their mixed race. My only saving grace in all of this is knowing that I married an amazing man with all of the same values I have. Marcus is very strong in his beliefs and will help teach our children to never feel inadequate because of the colour of their skin. We won’t be able to completely shield our children from the hate in the world, but hopefully we can raise them in a way that  gives them strength and makes them feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of what others think or say. I want my children to be confident individuals and educated about equality so maybe one day they can educate others and make a difference in the world. The past should never be forgotten but at some point we need to come together and help move things forward.

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