Second Grade Schedule

We started first grade work with Jellybean last year when he was 5 years old and supposed to be going into Kindergarten. I was extremely apprehensive at first but Marcus and I talked about it at length and he kept telling me he was ready for first grade work. I'm glad I listened to him because Jellybean excelled wonderfully and had no difficulties with first grade work. I was fairly relaxed last year, with all of our travelling, we never finished the first grade curriculum. So at the beginning of the school year I wanted to finish the first grade curriculum and planned to start the second grade curriculum when we finished. It actually worked out perfectly and Jellybean finished the first grade curriculum just as we were getting ready to go off for a few weeks at Christmas. So at Christmas I purchased all of Jellybean's new second grade books and spent time over Christmas break doing homeschool planning to get ready to start in the new year. The transition was so smooth. We still haven't decided if we will continue to homeschool next year but I do know that I'm planning on full year schooling, which means we will continue homeschooling through the summer. My ultimate goal is to have the second grade curriculum done by the end of summer and ready to start third grade in the fall. Now that we have been doing the second grade curriculum I thought it was a good time to share our second grade schedule.

So here is our Second Grade Schedule:

  • Devotional

-Weekly memory verse

-Bible Reader

  • Morning Routine

-Pledge to the Christian Flag

-Pledge to the Bible

-Lords Prayer

-Pledge of Allegiance

-Alphabet song

-Days of the week song

-Months of the year song

  • Calendar Time


-Review yesterday and tomorrow


-Daily notebook

  • Phonics

  • Speed Drill

  • Arithmetic

  • Combination practice

  • Phonic & Language 2

  • Spelling

  • Cursive writing

  • Creative writing

  • Poetry

  • Health, Safety, & Manners

  • Geography

  • History

  • Science

  • Osmo (Coding, Math, Spelling, Puzzles, or Drawing)

  • Reading

We chose to use Abeka again since we really liked the first grade curriculum. We got new workbooks and textbooks for all of his subjects. He has work sheets for arithmetic, language, writing, and spelling which he does daily. We use phonics flash cars and combination practice flash cards that came with his Abeka first grade stuff that we are continuing to use daily. His poetry, and reading books are new for second grade and we do it each day as well.The rest of the subjects vary on when I choose to integrate them. Some weeks we do science experiments, some days we read about American history, some weeks we study American or Canadian Geography. It truly does bounce around a lot. The one big change I made was purchasing Osmo for the boys for Christmas. Normally during the week I let Jellybean pick whatever activity he wants to do, but on Firdays he does Coding with Awbie. The boys are both really enjoying it. So this is our update of what we are doing for Second Grade. Hopefully this helps any other homeschooling Mom's who are interested or curious what we do.