Stand-up Man


So here’s where my story starts. Marcus bought the crib and secretly brought it in the house and put it together to surprise me. I know he’s amazing ladies don’t be jealous, ha ha. When he put it together he put the mattress to the very bottom saying it won’t be long until he’s standing in the crib. I blew it off mainly because I was upset that I bought this amazing crib bedding set and with the mattress all the way down that meant we couldn’t use the bed skirt. So I adjusted it back up higher and installed the bed skirt and sure enough within the next 2 weeks my little man was crawling. Not only was he crawling but the next day he had learned to stand. Yes my little man is the “Stand-up Man”. So today I figured it was as good of a day as any to fix the crib and put it back to the lowest level. He’s standing and jumping and for safety reasons it has to be done. How is possible that my baby has grown so quickly? Soon he’s going to be like his Mommy and be able to climb right out of the crib regardless of the height it’s set at. But regardless of how I feel about it he’s going to keep growing and soon will be running around with reckless abandon. My baby is going to be 8 months old on Sunday and even though he seems to be growing like a weed and it makes me sad, I know he’ll always be my little boy but I just keep thinking about how small he used to be. I realize he’s still a baby but he’s not the little baby he was when we brought him home, he now growing quickly into a little boy. I was just having one of those day today of a little bit of sadness for how fast my baby is growing but I’m so glad that I’m around to see all the growing he’s doing. He still likes to cuddle with me and wants me to play with him and cries for me when he’s hurt or tired. I’m his best friend, I’m his Mommy, and Mommy conquers all right now and I love every minute of it. I’m going to cherish every little achievement and be excited with him on his new adventures. I love my little boy and little boys always love their Mommies.

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