Sympathetic Men


Once you enter the 2nd trimester things start to look up slightly for most women the nausea goes away and you start to get some of your energy back and for whatever reason even though the the baby is now the size lemon you have to pee less. But this only lasts for a brief few months and most of these symptoms return. As you enter the 3rd trimester most women have definitely begun to show and now have this wonderful belly to show off full of baby. As beautiful as the pregnant belly is and how most of us women can’t wait until we start to show with it comes this front heavy weight that sets off your entire sense of balance. Which means now you’re extremely unsteady on your feet and constantly have this weight pushing down on your internal organs. You get ligament pains and sometimes even a pressure so low in your pelvis it feels like the baby is literally going to just fall out on to the fall. Your so big you don’t have the energy to do much because it takes much more effort. You can’t bend, twist and lift like you used you with this giant belly in the way. You can’t even touch your feet let alone see them. Even the tiniest of exertion causes extreme exhaustion when your carrying around a watermelon 24/7. You men want to complain about “oh it can’t be that bad.” Well then I offer you this strap a watermelon to your front 24/7 for the next 6 months and then we’ll talk. Try to function doing everyday things with having a counter balance strapped to you where you can’t even tie your shoes and get up off the sofa without help. Your back will hurt from being so off balance and trying to adjust your posture so you can carry so much weight. Try to sleep in one position for 10 months with getting up to pee about 3 or 4 times a night and see how restful you feel.

I worked through my whole 1st pregnancy with Jellybean. I pulled 10 hour shifts 4 days a week. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it was enjoyable. My feet were disgusting swollen and I would fall asleep driving home I would be so exhausted. I’d walk through the door and pass out on the couch without even eating dinner then I’d have to try and make myself get up and go to bed just to get up and do it all again. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it wasn’t extremely difficult. I’m a stay at home mom now with Jellybean and I’m 31 weeks pregnant with Littlebean. I can honestly say because I’ve been through it before that working or not working doesn’t make you any less tired and exhausted. Carrying a baby is hard and exhausting regardless of what your doing. I used to joke with my boss about having mandatory nap time in the afternoon when I was working. And this time around I’m home so damn right I’m having my afternoon nap if I feel like I need it that day. I have my days where I do the absolute minimum, which is no different then when I was working. When I worked I used to take extra long walks to the bathroom and socialize on my way there and back just to get out of physically working, some days I’d even take extra long time on the toilet just so I could sit down for a bit and rest my feet. The bigger I got my boss got me a stool to sit on so I was able to sit and literally do the minimum everyday well everyone else did most of the hard work. I’m not ashamed to admit it, because it’s the truth and now that I’m home this time around if I want to sit and take a break I’m going to do it. No one is going to make me feel bad about it, I’m creating a human being, what are you doing? Besides creating a human being I’m running around after a toddler. A toddler who climbs, runs everywhere, and gets into absolutely everything. Its not really me sitting and relaxing and sleeping all day. It’s making meals, crawling on the floor playing tickle monster or playing with toys, it’s picking up a toddler who climbed onto the coffee table, the mantel or computer chair and can’t get down, it’s cleaning up poop off the furniture because someone learned how to remove their diaper, it’s chasing after a giggling toddler after you realize they got a hold of something they aren’t supposed to, it’s cleaning off everything that’s sticky then realizing it’s strawberry jam and wondering where the jam came from, it’s picking up a crying toddler who fell and bumped their head or who is ready for nap time. I may do the minimum some days when it comes to everyday household things but it’s impossible to do the minimum with a child who needs your undivided attention all day long. You don’t want to be the mom you does nothing with your child so you force yourself to have the energy to play on the floor with them, to take them to the pool for a swim, or even for a walk.

So lets picture some of these things together shall we. Your walking around with a giant watermelon belly, swollen feet, puke on your breath, maybe even wet pants because you sneezed and peed a little, tired from no sleep, frustrated because you can’t do normal things, wet shirt because even though there isn’t a baby yet your boobs decided to start leaking. Does this sound easy to you? Regardless of how much explaining I do men just don’t get it. We aren’t superwoman just everyday people like you whose bodies are going through something you will never truly understand. My advice is PLEASE don’t speak on something you know nothing about and then proceed to give your unwanted advice on the subject. If you as a man have gone through pregnancy then all the power to you, you can speak up, if you haven’t then sit there, shut your mouth, and be nice to your significant other. You could maybe even be nice enough to rub her swollen feet and tell your how beautiful she is to you, because I guarantee she isn’t feeling so beautiful being the size of a whale. You should be bowing down to her awesomeness at growing human life, the human life you both created. She is the mother of your child, respect her, be there for her, and damn it be sympathetic to her situation.

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