The First Years Breastflow MiPump Double Electric Breast Pump


You can’t buy different sized flanges, so if the flanges happen to be to big or to small you are out money since breast pumps can not be returned. Even though the breast pump is less than $100 that’s still $100 wasted if the pump doesn’t work for you. My other problem with this pump is that it doesn’t give you the option to pump only one breast, you have to pump both. There is only one speed setting and the only setting is to increase pumping strength. I probably only used this pump about 30 times and for whatever reason it started to lose suction. I called the company and they were going to replace if for me but I didn’t see the point when it didn’t work for me anyways.

On a positive note this pump has a hand rail that allows you to hold the pump with one hand on both breasts. It gives you slightly more freedom. It also has the option to use electric or batteries, which makes it convenient if you need to pump on the go. It also has a stylish little carrying tote, if your a working mom who needs to take the pump to work.

My overall review of this pump isn’t great. I personally wouldn’t recommend this pump to anyone. I would fork out the money and buy one that you can get different parts for and allows you to pump one or both breasts.

1 Star

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