The Healing Powers of Breastmilk


So as a breastfeeding mom of 2 I’ve started to wonder about other uses for breast milk. As it turns out breast milk can be used for many things and can help heal aliments. It can be used as a lotion to help hydrate the skin, clear up skin rashes such as diaper rash, or even for congestion. Breast milk is full of antibodies which can help keep infants from getting sick as frequently and most of us know how beneficial it is as a source of nutrients for our growing little ones. Here are some of the other wonderful healing things breast milk can be used for.

  1. Help clean out and heal cuts, wounds, scrapes, and burns

  2. Help hydrate the skin

  3. Clear up cradle cap

  4. Clear up acne (even baby acne)

  5. Clear up and prevent diaper rash

  6. Soothe eczema

  7. Clear up congestion when used as a nasal spray

  8. Soothe sore throats

  9. Clear up pink eye or clogged tear ducts when squirted into the eye

  10. Clear up ear infection when used as ear drops

  11. Help heal and relieve pain from insect bites and stings

  12. Heal cracked nipples from breastfeeding

  13. Helps heal sunburn and relieve pain

  14. Clear up warts

  15. Helps heal and relieve itchiness from chicken pox

  16. Helps heal chapped and cracked lips

  17. Helps soothe gums when teething

  18. Help fight and kill cancer

The healing is endless. There are many things breast milk can be used for and when it comes to healing it is one of the most natural things around. I would much rather use breast milk then give my children unnecessary medications if I don’t have too. I personally have used breast milk to clear congestion from myself and the kids. I have also used it in Jellybeans eye once when he got a cold in it, I even used it on myself a few months ago when I got a sty. It works I can testify to that and I’m sure there are other things I will use it for in the future such as soaps, lotions, make-up remover or in baking recipes for the kids.

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