The Home Stretch!


Marcus arrived in Canada this past Saturday and I couldn’t be happier that he’s finally here. Jellybean and I missed him. It also takes away a lot of stress knowing that he’s finally here and there is no concern of him possibly missing the birth.

Since 37 weeks is considered full-term I’m classifying this as the home stretch. I still have this weird feeling that Littlebean is going to come early. My due date is Nov 4th, and for whatever reason I don’t think I’ll make it that long. My OBGYN didn’t give me any reason to think that it’s just a gut feeling I have. Health wise everything with me and baby are fine, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The waiting isn’t so terrible because it’s giving us time to spend with Jellybean these last few weeks before we go from a family of 3 to a family of 4. We’ve been spending a lot of time time with family and friends since Marcus’s arrival. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with family. We have spent lots of time outside playing with Jellybean and having relaxing family time together. It feels like a mini vacation. I have been enjoying the wait and I’m completely fine waiting until Littlebean is ready. I only wish I was sleeping better. I’ve been having crazy bad heartburn that comes and goes plus back ache from not being able to sleep comfortably. Other than the few small things all else is going well. So now in the home stretch all we do is wait for baby to get here, patiently wait.

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