The Name Game


I have asked several of my friends for some advice, seeing how I have a lot of friends from all over the world I thought it would be nice to hear some of the names they like and maybe get something a little different then the everyday names you hear. I’ve looked at maps of places we would like to travel thinking maybe a town name or something would stand out. We went on a small road trip and paid attention to road signs for inspiration. We’ve gone through family names and even tried to do some mash-ups of different family names to make a new and different name. The problem isn’t just about finding a name that we like it’s about finding a name we both LOVE. The fact that this is something we both have to agree on is making this even harder. I just hope in these next few months we can narrow it down and Littlebean won’t be nameless when he’s born. If anyone has any name ideas or even ways to some up with some inspiration please leave me a comment, and I thank you in advance for all your help.

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