Travelling As A Homeschooler

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

We are currently travelling in Canada and will be here for 3 weeks. Travelling while homeschooling can be interesting. I think for most families it varies on where you are travelling, because travelling on it’s own can be educational if you’re going to historical land marks, exploring different cultures and different parts of the world. We travel to Canada very frequently since all of my family is there, so for us when we travel there it’s just like being at home which means we need to bring school work with us.  Since I had most things for the year ready it was a little easier packing curriculum and knowing exactly what to bring. All of our school stuff for both boys fit into a carry on but I still do typically condense things a bit. For jellybean, whose in first grade, it’s fairly easy to bring enough school work for him since his work is already printed and stapled into work packets for each day with all his subjects. Little bean, whose in kindergarten, is a little more difficult because he uses so many manipulatives. Littlebean's work load changes daily and we do a lot of flash cards, number matching activities, floor games for Gross Motor and varying activities for fine motor. When we’re at home we have everything we need in our school room organized and available but when travelling it’s impossible to take all of it with us, especially when we are flying. I normally will take just enough to be able to make do. I brought all of Littlebean’s Number and Letter tracing sheets, and all of our basic Alphabet, Number, Colour, and Shape flash cards. A few dry erase math sheets, one for every day of the week, a couple fine motor and gross motor activities and we left the rest. As long as I have enough to change things up a bit daily then he does alright. He isn’t good with doing the same thing day in a day out, as he gets bored easily.

I do however find it harder when travelling to stay on schedule. We are staying with family and in the past whenever we have traveled to Canada we just ended up spending our time enjoying family time. However since this is the first year as an official registered homeschooling family we will have to stay on schedule while we travel. The boys are used to everything being so relaxed when we visit Grandma and Grandpa so I’m sure it will be a bit of an adjustment. At home the kids typically know that we can’t play games or be on their tablets during school days so I think as long as we are able to get through the first few days then they will be alright with the new rhythm of things. It is colder weather here in Canada then in Georgia so we are enjoying some fall weather. We might do some fall apple picking and festivals as well while we are here. The kids are looking forward to Halloween Trick or Treating and we even have already experienced the first winter snow fall. The kids were so excited to see snow, me not so much. Snow on the ground was a little colder then I was ready for.

Overall we have been having a great time and have been able to spend time with a lot of the family. From weddings to sleep overs with cousins, to birthdays and Halloween. These are experiences that I’m so glad my children get to enjoy and have the freedom to do because we homeschool.

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