Travelling to Canada


But we have officially made it to Canada. The flight down wasn’t nearly as horrible as I was envisioning. Jellybean slept the whole way and we flew first class so we had plenty of room. We were first to board and first to de-board. We were completely on schedule and even landed a little early. My Mom and Dad were there waiting for us when we came out to baggage claim. The longest part of the trip was getting home from the airport. We flew into Syracuse and the drive from there is about 3 hours. We stopped for lunch on the way and had no trouble at the Canadian border.

Being an international family means we travel a lot and I hope it is always this easy. The best tips I can give someone travelling with children is to be prepared. Travelling early in the morning or even at night I find is the best. That way your child is still either still a little sleepy or will sleep because it’s normally bed time. I woke Jellybean up early in the morning got him dressed really quick and put him in the car. I waited to feed him until just before take off in hopes of him falling back to sleep. For younger children it’s good to either breastfeed, give them a bottle, or even a pacifier to suck on to help with the pressure on their ears. Just in case the early wake up and waiting to feed them doesn’t work at putting them to sleep be sure to pack lots of snacks. Baby food, bottles and snacks are all fine to take through security at the airport. The people at security will check everything so leave a little extra time for that. Bring a few of your child’s favourite toys and books with you and even if possible download some favourite shows or movies on your phone, tablet or laptop. If all of these things fail and you still end up with a fussy child don’t stress or worry about the other people. Children get fussy sometimes just like everyone else, just be calm and concern yourself with trying to keep your child calm and that’s the best you can do. I can honestly say that I look at parents differently now when they are travelling with children, it’s a sort of respect for understanding their situation. Travelling in general can be slightly stressful and hectic but travelling with children is a whole other kind of stress. Don’t worry and stress yourself  over other people being annoyed and irritated just concern yourself with your children and keep doing your best to comfort, keep them calm, and happy. Safe and happy travels everyone, hope this helps!

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