Two Halves Of A Whole


In my mind once you marry someone that makes you two halves of a whole. You are both equal parts. Once you decided to make a family the same things apply no one parent has more say than another. I totally get that parenting styles can be different and sometimes difficult to overcome and maybe even one parent has more experience with children then the other and some teaching might come into play. But everything should at least be talked about and tried to come up with a compromise. Here is where the responses from some of these women, which in all honestly piss me off a little, come into play. Some of these women will respond with “Who cares what he thinks” , “When he all the sudden has breasts and can feed your kids then maybe he’ll have a say”, ” Your breasts, your choice, he doesn’t have a say”, or even some are to the point of “Leave him.” In my book if you love someone enough to marry them and have kids with them why would you brush off their opinions and feelings so easily. I find it sad actually and wonder how many of these women still have husbands. Granted I’m lucky to have never had a problem with my husband about breastfeeding our son but I can tell you if I did I wouldn’t approach it like these women do. I can’t imagine telling my husband to basically shut up because he doesn’t have breasts. If I felt strongly about something we would talk about, maybe even do some research together and learn more about it together, I would never just shut him down like that. Every person has different opinions and different thoughts on what they may think is right. I think it’s rude and selfish to treat your spouse like that and that’s not what marriage and raising children is all about. Your supposed to be a unit not torn where one parent is superior and other isn’t. Your supposed to work together and be a solid foundation for your children, because if your not it won’t ever work out. I love my husband and I’m glad we are working on a solid foundation for our family. The foundation might sometimes shift and crack but at least we work together to repair it.

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