Unwanted Advice And Judgement

All this being said I’m definitely able to just brush most of it off and move on but one thing that is beginning to become an issue for me are parents who are extremely judgemental and overly opinionated. I’m talking about parents who truly believe they are superior and make other parents feel like every choice they’ve made is utterly and completely incorrect just because it’s not how they would have done it. These people are preaching on all types of issues from breastfeeding to circumcision. Don’t get me wrong having opinions or beliefs of your own is fine but it’s not right to push them on other people.

No parent has all the right answers, and no one is perfect all we have is what is right for us. We can educate each other and offer advice when it’s asked for. No mother should be made to feel like they failed because they chose not to breastfeed. You don’t know her story, maybe she couldn’t for medical reasons or maybe she tried for weeks but her baby wasn’t getting enough nutrition. No parent should be judged for their choice on circumcision for their son. As parents we already judge ourselves and we’re constantly second guessing and wondering if we’re doing what’s best. We are our own worst critics when it comes to our children.

Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs, just please people stop forcing your own on other people. Rants and raves don’t make people see things like you do. All it does is anger people and cause rifts between different groups. We all need to be more open minded and understanding towards other parents, after all we’re all in the same boat.

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