We’re On The Move!


Once he’s walking it’s not everything just at eye level, it’s absolutely everything. I’m fairly certain I’m bound to get my pay back for how awful I was as a child. I just keeping thinking of all the stories Marcus and I have heard about ourselves when we were kids. I apparently was a climber and Marcus was the lets take it apart and see how it works. When Marcus was a child his father showed him how to use a screw driver which apparently turned out to be a big mistake. I remember the first time I met his Aunt and Uncle and they told me about one time he came over to visit and happened to find a screw driver. He took the screws out of everything, the door knobs, vents, wall outlets anything he could see. Once he thought he was going to get into trouble he conveniently lost all the screws. I’m fairly certain we’re going to have a like father like son situation on our hands. Jellybean has shown a huge interest with anything electronic since he was born just like his father. It even got to the point that I couldn’t use my cell phone or tablet or some times even watch tv while I was breastfeeding because he would crane his neck or just stop eating altogether to see what I was doing. Which anyone who breastfeeds knows these things are what keep us sane while you sit under a baby for hours everyday.

So we’re on the move, which ultimately is wonderful and exciting. I’m just glad he’s sleeping though the night, because I definitely need to be awake alert for whatever the day may bring or where we may go. We are just starting on this adventure but I love my crawling, getting into everything, little man and I’m ready for all the fun we’re bound to have.

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