Welcome To My Chaos


Being a stay at home is one of the hardest jobs there is but it’s also extremely rewarding. As most of you know I’m the mother of 2 boys, currently ages 20 months old and 4 months old. Things are busy, hectic and most of the time utter chaos. Our days most of the time are spent here at home since we are currently a one vehicle family and my husband Marcus works. Going out has become slightly more difficult and stressful since having 2 children.

Most days we wake up with Marcus when he gets up to go to work around 8am. This isn’t because I choose to but because Jellybean insists on getting up too. Even though I try to quiet him and nurse him back to sleep, the insistent kicking me in the face as he flails around is enough to have me finally giving up on getting one more hour of sleep. As soon as his feet hit the floor he’s like a tiny tornado. Jumping, running, climbing, and getting into anything he can lay his hands on. We have breakfast while we watch cartoons, mainly because he eats more when he’s distracted. I know he’s done eating once he starts throwing his food on the floor which means it’s time to vacuum for the first time for the day. Note I said first time as he does this currently at every meal.

Jellybeans favourite past times consist of climbing up and standing in the middle of the kitchen table and yelling like Tarzan, the sheer joy of his conquest and my insistent disapproval and lecturing of him falling and breaking his skull are apparently what excites him about this. He also enjoys buttons, not the kind that do up your shirt, but the kind that have cause and effect. Computer, television, laptop, phones, entertainment center, microwave, or game consoles, anything really that makes a noise or has a flashing light is apparently free game. Which again to reach most buttons that means more climbing, and more climbing means more lecturing. He might even attempt to clear all the books off the bottom two shelves of the book case if he has enough time in the day. He is also an extremely talented escape artist. As soon as a baby gate is accidentally left open he will either be in the fridge stealing and eating whatever food happens to be on the bottom 2 shelves or playing in the toilet. He also has an incredible talent of finding things that were accidentally left out within reaching or climbing distance. Most commonly left out items are writing utensils, below is the result of this.


When told to play with the millions of toys in his bedroom it normally results in what my husband calls “it looks like Toys R Us threw up in here.” He doesn’t like to really play with toys it’s normally more of a ‘lets just pull all the toys out of the toy box because the toy box looks like a awesome place to chill out.’


My time is spent chasing him around and trying to instill right from wrong, which for the most part he blatantly ignores.

Littlebean’s favourite thing currently is having someones face inches from his own. As long as someone is close and he can see you he’s a happy baby. Only downside really is it makes it slightly more difficult to get things done. Luckily he has his first nap shortly after we wake up in the morning. I try to cram as much as I possibly can into the morning while he takes his first nap of the day. So between making sure Jellybean stays alive I try and straighten the house up, unload the dish washer and maybe throw in a load of laundry. If Littlebean is still sleeping I try to spend some one on one time with Jellybean. He loves to sit and read stories and sing songs. Sometimes we like to colour or I just sit in his room with him and play with his toys with him. Other days we may make a fort out of blankets in the living room and make shadow puppets on the wall. Just last week we made a fort out of cardboard boxes. Once Littlebean wakes the quiet play time with mom is over. Jellybean’s love for his little brother is so adorable, actually their love for each other. It’s almost like the tiny nap took a life time because they are so happy to see each other. I lay Littlebean on his play mat or in his bouncy chair while I try and get lunch ready. This is where the running comes in, Jellybean is so excited that he runs laps around his brother stopping only to sit on top of him and give him kisses. Sometimes he does like to lay with him and play, which I must say I find rather adorable.


After we eat lunch it’s time to vacuum for the second time of the day. Then I like to take the kids out for a walk since the weather has been warming up. We normally do a few laps around the apartment complex and some days we even take some bread to feed the ducks and geese that live in the pond. Jellybean loves the ducks, me not so much they get a little to close for comfort. But what a story I would have if I got bit by a duck. Littlebean normally sleeps the entire walk but wakes up normally once we reach the ducks. I think he must be able to sense my fear, ha ha. Granted these are the ugliest ducks I’ve ever seen in my life, so I think my fear is warranted. Seriously though look at these things.


Does that not look like a killer duck? Like it’s just lurking waiting for the opportune time to attack.


I love being able to take the kids outside and have them enjoy some fresh air. Plus the walking is good for me too. It’s not easy carrying a 15lb baby in an infant carrier and pushing a toddler in a stroller, this is what I call my mommy work out. All in all the end goal is to start tiring them out, mainly Jellybean, for nap time.

Nap time is always in Mommy and Daddy’s bed and the easiest way to get Jellybean to sleep is to lay with him. Unfortunately this normally results in all 3 of us fast asleep. It doesn’t take much to tire this Momma out, besides who would pass up snuggles with these 2 handsome little men. They are just too cute when they are sleeping.


After dinner I clean up the remaining dishes and vacuum for the last time for the day. I swear the only joy I get out of Jellybean throwing his food on the floor is that I get to vacuum. You might be wondering how on earth I would enjoy vacuuming. Well it isn’t the task in itself that I enjoy it’s the sheer terror on Jellybeans face whenever the vacuum gets turned on. Slightly evil of me maybe but I can’t help but giggle as he screams and runs to hide. I guess in a way it’s punishment for throwing his food on the floor only it hasn’t seemed to terrify him enough to stop throwing it yet.

My days are crazy, and some days crazier then others. Some days I get very little done around the house and other days I get a lot done, but either way a Mom’s job is never done. It’s constant, it’s hectic, and it’s total chaos. And as a mother of boy’s I’m sure my days are bond to get more chaotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some days I want to pull out my hair, but everyday I look at these children and I couldn’t imagine not being with them all day every day. I love being the first one to see their milestones and to be able to teach them. Every time Littlebean rolls over it makes me happy knowing that I was there to witness it the first time he did it. Whenever Jellybean sings the “ABC’S” or points to a body part and tells me what it is I feel proud knowing that I was the one who taught him. They may be my chaos but they are also what keeps me grounded and everyday I feel blessed to be their Momma.

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