Wiggle Worm

He’s my wiggle worm and everyday is getting more fun to watch and see how much he’s capable of. The thing is everyone lets on like he’s some super baby, like he’s to little to be doing so much. Truth is I think it’s more of a bitter-sweet thing. I think as parents or loved ones we love to see how children grow and succeed but time seems to pass by so quickly and all the sudden you wonder where the time went. My son is exactly developmentally where he should be. He isn’t some baby genius, although we’re working on that too, I think we just don’t want to believe he’s growing so quickly. We want them to stay little just a little longer. We want to make sure we’re spending enough time and moulding them and teaching them to be exactly the kind of people we want them to grow up to be. We don’t want to think that we missed anything. We want to think we did the best with every second, minute, and hour and that we didn’t waste a bit of it. We wish time would just stand still for a while to make sure we’ve done it all and prepared them for live.

Right now we’re starting to build the foundation to all steps of life. Big steps are in the future but it still all comes done to a strong foundation. So today and tomorrow and the day after that I’ll be spending time with my wiggle worm. We’ll be rolling around on the floor, singing songs, reading stories and I’ll just be his Mom. I’ll try my best to teach him everything I can, but make sure at the same time that we enjoy it. He’ll amaze me everyday with something new and exciting he has accomplished and I will be ecstatic and a little sad all at the same time.

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