Year Around Schooling

As all the other kids are just starting to enjoy their summer break we are still trucking along with school. Granted we wouldn't have been technically done school yet anyways since we started closer to September. In the state of Georgia you have to log 170 days for the school year. We currently just finished up day 160. Although we really only have 2 weeks left to finish that's not the reason I've chosen to homeschool through the summer, or what they call year around schooling.

Part of reason is because I started started school this fall finishing up our first grade curriculum. I started second grade with Jellybean in January. We are only on lesson 90 in his second grade curriculum. Regardless of all that, children have been known to lose 25% to 30% of their knowledge during summer break. We honestly haven't decided what our plan is for the kids next fall. We haven't decided if we are going to continue to homeschool or send them to private school. I just want to make sure that if we do send them to school next year that they are full of the knowledge they need and that they are ready. I really want to make sure that Jellybean is at least done his second grade curriculum with it still fresh in his head. I also want to make sure that Littlebean is set up to start first grade in the fall as well. Right now I still have some things to complete with both of them so year around schooling just makes sense for us right now.

Jellybean is a little over half way done with second grade. Even the curriculum I chose for him has 170 lessons. With him still having so many lessons to do before the beginning of August I am probably going to have to adjust some things to get us closer to finishing. I'm still leaning towards continuing homeschooling for next year though because of it. Some days I don't mind giving him a little extra work but I also don't want to completely overwhelm him just so we can finish on time to send him to private school this coming fall. There are other reasons but I will wait to do an update closer to fall when we make a decision.

Littlebean is somewhat of different learner than Jellybean. He's a full 2 grades behind Jellybean because of where his birthday falls in November. We have been working on my pre-k and kindergarten curriculum since he was 2. He's always been so interested in doing the things that his brother was doing from the time we was little and I started homeschooling. I would say this year though is really the first year he's started to really absorb everything. He now knows all of his numbers and letter and the sounds they make. I have added some sight words and we've started learning about short and long vowels. I'm hoping to really start laying down the foundation for reading. I want him to be ready to start first grade in the fall even though he is only kindergarten age.

I know people don't understand it and just want to enjoy their summer but I don't feel like we are really missing out. We are still able to do plenty of fun stuff through out the summer. We have only ever done half days of school so that leaves the afternoon free to do whatever. We've been able to go the Aquarium, local pool, and splash pad. We have plans to visit the zoo and go to the beach. We are even thinking about travelling to Canada for a week or so this summer too. Our days are actually a little more relaxed, which is nice. We been able to enjoy playing in the back yard and made plans to have cookouts and movie nights. I think everything is a balance and at the end of the day I want to make sure I'm doing what is best for them and their future.